Dasanail Studio


With more than 10 years of experience in web development, 3CT Group provides online solutions for Dasanail Studio’s customers

For the purpose of sharing knowledge about nail care through research and practical experience

In addition, Dasanail Studio specializes in providing the best beauty and nail care products for consumers

Interface of Dasanail Studio

Our Approach

Talked to Ms. Lê Hiền – owner of Dasanail Studio to get requirements as well as advice and propose appropriate solutions to enhance the online shopping experience of customers

Customers can view the price list as well as book a nail appointment

Intuitive, easy to use and user-friendly interface

Our Technologies

After agreeing with each other, we propose a solution to build a website using WordPress

Programming languages: PHP and MySQL

Other languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery…


Sales boosted


Page views


Page loading speed

Customer Reviews

Ms. Lê Hiền
Ms. Lê Hiềndasanail.com
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This is my second time cooperating with 3CT Group. I am very happy with the website design, my clients can now book an appointment online and it will be sent directly to my personal email
3CT Group
3CT Group3ct.group
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Thank you to Ms. Lê Hiền for trusting and choosing 3CT Group to build a new website for your businessBest wishes for your growing business!