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With more than 10 years of experience in web development, 3CT Group provides online solutions for Happy Fitness & Yoga customers

Through the time when the whole world had to overcome the physical and mental difficulties brought by Covid, Mr. Lương Kim Thành realized that: “Health is now the important factor that determines everything.”

With the desire that everyone can know how to take care and improve their health properly, Mr. Lương Kim Thành has cooperated with shareholders – who have the same ideal goal as him.

Finally, after accumulating experience along with careful preparation for the gym, Mr. Lương Kim Thành and shareholders decided to officially establish Happy Fitness & Yoga in Tân Phú District – Hồ Chí Minh City.

Eye-catching and user-friendly Happy Fitness & Yoga website interface

Our Approach

Talked to Mr. Lương Kim Thành – owner of Happy Fitness & Yoga to get requirements as well as advice and propose appropriate solutions to enhance the online shopping experience of customers

The main color tone is black and white, combined with the golden color of the Happy Fitness & Yoga company logo

Intuitive, easy to use and user-friendly interface

In addition, customers can view the details of the center’s gyms and services by clicking on each image

Online chat feature Zalo and Facebook with 24/7 customer support team

Customers can leave information for advice

Our Technologies

After agreeing with each other, we propose a solution to build a website using WordPress

Programming languages: PHP and MySQL

Other languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery…


Sales boosted


Page views


Page loading speed

Customer Reviews

Mr. Lương Kim Thành
Mr. Lương Kim Thànhhappyfitnessyoga.com
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The interface is very eye-catching, I am very satisfied with the professional working attitude of 3CT Group
3CT Group
3CT Group3ct.group
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Thank you to Mr. Lương Kim Thành for trusting and choosing 3CT Group to build a new website for your business.Best wishes for your growing business!