Minh Tuyền Music Center


With more than 10 years of web development experience, 3CT Group offers online solutions to Minh Tuyền Music Center customers. Students can learn more about the center and sign up for online music classes like piano, guitar, and organ…

Minh Tuyền Music Center has more than 5 years of operation with Gala concerts, outdoor music performances… we are confident that we can provide students with a friendly and positive learning environment, help students easily find, register and study for a long time

Website interface of Minh Tuyền Music Center

Our Approach

Communicate directly with Ms. Kim Tuyền – owner of Minh Tuyền Music Center to get requests as well as advice and propose appropriate solutions to improve students’ experience when participating in courses

Students can view details of courses including Piano, Organ, Guitar, Ukulele, Violin and Vocal

The interface is intuitive and eye-catching according to Ms. Tuyền’s requirements.Students can leave personal information and choose courses according to their needs

In addition, customers and students of the center can buy musical instruments directly on the website, supporting domestic and international online payment

Our Technologies

After agreeing with each other, we propose a solution to build a website using WordPress

Programming languages: PHP and MySQL

Other languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery…


Sales boosted


Page views


Page loading speed

Customer Reviews

Ms. Kim Tuyền
Ms. Kim Tuyềndaypianodananguytin.com
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The interface is intuitive, beautiful on both computers and phones, very true to my liking. The online payment function makes it easy for students to register and buy musical instruments from the center
3CT Group
3CT Group3ct.group
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Thank you to Ms. Kim Tuyền for trusting and choosing 3CT Group to build a new website for your businessWe wish the center to grow and have more students!