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What is Landing Page

What is Landing Page?

A landing page is a single website tasked with leading and persuading viewers to achieve a specific conversion goal. Landing Page is a website with design, interface, content only referring to one product on the page. Even some Landing Pages have an interface that is only encapsulated in 1 page. So what is the practical application of Landing Page?

Landing Page has many similarities with regular websites


The goal of setting up a landing page is to optimize the conversion rate. To do this, it is necessary to attract customers’ views and clicks. Thereby attracting customer interaction through activities such as filling out forms, registering to receive information…

Types of Landing Pages

Landing Pages are usually divided into 3 categories serving different user purposes:

  • Lead Generation Page
  • Sales Page
  • Click-through Page

Landing Page – What is Lead Generation Page?

With Lead Generation Page, a registration form will appear on the page, and when customers register, they will be given an ebook, webinar, offline webinar, free consultation, gift, discount code…

The goal of this type of Landing Page is to collect basic customer information (such as full name, email, phone number), find potential customers and use them for marketing activities later.

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Landing Page – What is Sales Page?

The Sales Page is where all the details about your products and services will be displayed. Such information may include:

  • Product Features
  • Pricing
  • Incentives
  • Customer care
  • Other special details of the product

The purpose is to provide enough information about the product to customers, thereby convincing customers to buy right on the page.

Landing Page – What is Click-through Page?

Click-through will not display forms for customers to fill out, but only use the call button to redirect to another page (usually the official website of the business). Besides, this Landing Page will also provide full information about the product to attract the attention of customers visiting the official website.

Where to create Landing Page?

Currently, there are quite a few tools and websites that support creating a paid or free Landing Page. In which, Google Site, Weebly or WordPress are the most commonly used tools.

There are many free Landing Page creation tools on the market


Weebly is also a popular free landing page generator in the world. The process of creating a Landing Page on this tool is also relatively easy with arbitrary drag and drop operations. However, the big minus point of this tool is that the site’s domain name will have the weebly cluster in front. If you want to remove this phrase, users need to pay a fee.


WordPress is a professional landing page design tool chosen by many marketers. However, the minus point of WordPress is that users need to have a certain understanding of the code. Currently there are 2 tools WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

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What is the purpose of creating a Landing Page?

To maximize the use of Landing Page, businesses need to choose the right time to use it. In which, there are 5 most popular Landing Page application cases.

Small business or introduce yourself

When you have a small business or simply to save costs compared to making a complete website, creating a Landing Page will be a more reasonable choice.

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Also, use a landing page to introduce yourself as your online business card.


Not only bringing optimal advertising efficiency, attracting a large number of potential customers, Landing Page also helps save a considerable amount of money. When building a Landing Page for advertising purposes, businesses need to provide customers with clear, coherent and highly persuasive product information.

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Launching a new product or service

When your product or service is about to launch, it’s essential to create a pre-launch landing page for this product. In addition, you can also collect information about customers who want to receive notifications when the product launches or a list of pre-ordered users through the form filled out on the Introduction Landing Page.

When offering a product or service

In order to collect user information, businesses often organize activities to give away ebooks, manuals, vouchers… Therefore, they can set up a Landing Page with forms for customers to fill in information. . This has an important effect on building customer relationships and extending into product promotion.

Preparing for the event

Before organizing an event, whether online or offline, it is not redundant to create a Landing Page to attract registrations from interested people. In particular, Landing Page only needs to focus on 5 basic information:

  • What’s the reason for creating a landing page?
  • Who are the participants and speakers?
  • What is the main content of the landing page and event?
  • What is the time and place of the event?

Landing Page and Website differences

Landing page and Website comparision

Website is a group of pages that include all information about the company, products, business activities… In order to provide users with necessary information about the business. Promote your products, services and brands.

A landing page is a single page that provides information about a specific product or service. Landing Pages often place heavy emphasis on content. The main function of the Landing Page is to provide users with necessary information about the product. From the Landing Page collect information, call for their interaction with the item listed on the page.

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Professional Landing pages and websites design

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In short, the landing page plays an important role in attracting the interaction of potential customers. When creating a Landing Page, businesses need to pay attention to many things. Factors from construction time, to content, design… can all be affected. Hopefully, through this article, you will build a Landing Page to bring the best results.